Dhruv Saxena

An online portfolio that isn't much interesting but here we go...

Hello there, I'm Dhruv Saxena, pretty tech savvy and Enthusiastic about learning new technologies.
I'm currently pursuing MCA VthSem with S.S. Jain Subodh P.G. MCA Institute.

My usual hobbies and passion contain coding, designing, learning new technological stuff, blogging, photographing and surfing some cosmos based stuff and cute animals videos over the internet.

I love to develop and design web-apps, explore new stuff, and listen to LoFi music in my free time. Over my college life, I have spent some times on things related to my passion. Check out some below.

Things I Do

  • Code
  • Play with websites
  • Video games
  • Drink loads of Coffee
  • Mobile Photography
  • Work as a team

Few Projects

There is not much i did ,but i think its good good for a portfolio.

UTOPIA - Content Management System

A basic Content Management System [WIP].
Allows user to manage their website cum blog.

PHP Based NODE.JS Based

LoFi - Online Music Stream

Online music player, Browse trough music collection, free to use.

Github Source

Darkaura - Humorouse Weather App

Tells you weather in humorouse way... kinda dark but humorouse

Github Source


Payment page using  Stripe  API.
Product payment page built with PHP, MYSQL, PDO and the Stripe API.

Github Source


Javascript based blockchain network from scratch.
Built with nodejs and web-sockets.

Github Source

Other small things.

Skill Stats...






Adobe XD / FIGMA

REACT.js / Other Frontend framework [Learning]

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